January 21, 2016

In the last week...

Anybody notice a theme here?








Yep, you guessed correctly, Miss Sadie is sick.
  Last Thursday Sadie came home from school and was not acting like herself.  No symptoms of being ill, but she just seemed sad.  No laughing, smiling, giggling, playing, just a sad stare around the room.  I knew something wasn't right, but I was just hoping that she was just really tired because she had only slept about 6 hrs total, off and on, the night before (her usual is about 10 or so, straight). I put her to bed early and she slept all night and all morning.  Finally I had to wake her up at 11:15 to go to school. Unusual, but I figured she was just catching up on her sleep. She came home from school and the bus driver said she had slept on the bus, both ways.  Strange, but it's happened before. I figured her teacher just worked her extra hard. She seemed a little out of it, like she was groggy, but she was making eye contact and rolling around happily.  Couple hours later, she was out like a light while I was making dinner.  My gut then said something was up with her.  After dinner I picked her up to put her to bed and she was burning up... fever 104.2.  Crap!
  That is how the whole thing began.  We battled high temps (101-104) with no other symptoms. Pulse oxygen was fine, heart rate was fine, color was good, lungs clear. I had talk to the Dr who thought it was fine to keep monitoring her at home. When she still had no other symptoms, on Tuesday, I finally decided to take her to the Dr.  I hate taking her to the Dr. After I left the office, I remembered why I hate taking her to the Dr.  I always get the same thing. "It's a virus".  They run no tests or x rays, they just look at her, do their usual listen and look and then say "it's a virus, call if she doesn't get better in a few more days".  It's not exactly that cut and dry, but that's their whole point. That's the same line that I have gotten the last 3 or 4 times that she has been in there sick.  Then 2-3 days later we go back or call saying that she is not better, they put her on an antibiotic and she gets better.  It's so frustrating! Don't get me wrong, I love her peds Dr office, and I generally love that they don't run a bazillion tests, but sometimes I don't think they realize that Sadie is different and presents differently with her symptoms then most kids. I hope I'm wrong this time, and they are right.  Fingers crossed!
  Today was the first day that we haven't had a fever.  YAY!!!  However, now she has a wet, sick sounding coughing that is weak and random.  Who knows if this is the same virus that we started with last week or if this is just a new virus that attacked her when her immune system was vulnerable.  Not sure. But I really, really hate seeing her sick.  My anxiety level goes threw the roof.

January 01, 2016

Our winter break fun

Christmas break was fun and busy.  It was a little different cause we haven't had much snow so it was kind of hard to get into the season, but we did it. And made the most of our break.

The girls made a gingerbread house.  They had so much fun. 
Sadie stood and watched them the whole time, which was about and hour or so.  Yay, Sadie for tolerating standing for that long.

Chloe is in the choir so she had a couple of Christmas choir concerts

She also is in dance, so we had a Christmas benefit dance recital.

Christmas Eve Mass
Sadie looks so tiny in this pic sitting between the 2 girls.
Chloe sang in the choir during mass, so Sadie and Aubrie hung out together.

Just some random pics

She kept trying to turn around to look at the lights
She loved looking at the packages. Especially this one

We finally turned her around so she could look at the lights on the tree.

Sadie sat in this chair for so long, hours in fact.  My family that haven't seen her lately were shocked at her progress.  With only one tumble to the side, head first and then one scootch of her butt forward and a gentle slide forward onto the floor.  She sits like a pro in chairs, but we are still working hard on the floor sitting.  But I'm confident she will sit like a pro on the floor at some point in her life.

She got a new hat and mittens from her great grandma and gave us the sweetest smile as soon as we put it on her head.

She was thrilled with this headband. No, not really.

News Years Eve