October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Chloe was a "magic" witch.

Aubrie was a "candy stealing" witch.

Sadie was bat girl


Aunt Taryn dressed up too.  She was a cute little zebra.  The girls thought it was cool that she dressed up.  Gotta love Aunt Taryn.

October 28, 2014

Third Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday Sadie!
This is my attempt at drawing Olaf on a cake.  Not too bad, right? LOL
  Why did I choose Olaf as her theme? Because Olaf is a little different, a little odd, as funny as can be, so lovable and everybody fell in love with him.  He reminds me of Sadie. A little different, odd, lovable, funny, and everybody loves her.  What better theme can there be for my little girl this year?
  Sadie was really into her birthday this year.  Obviously, she can not open her presents on her own, so whoever is giving her the present gets to open it for her.  In the past, Sadie never paid much attention to what was going on. This year was different.  Every time a new person would come and sit down next to her with a present she would watch intently and smile.  She really got into it this year.  It's the little things like this the truly makes my heart happy.

(No she wasn't sleeping, I just snapped the pic at the wrong time)


Sometimes getting all these kids to look, smile, and act correctly can be a chore in itself.  Geez. loweez!  This one was the best.  However, everyone was happy, so really, what more can we ask for?
   How lucky am I that I have now had her for 3 years?!  I was told I would have her for minutes, then hours, then days, then months. No one ever thought she would make it to a year.  Well look at her now.  3 years later!

October 25, 2014

my soccer girl

   A majority of my nephews play soccer. So soccer is a big discussion at our family gatherings. The girls have grown up listening and learning all about it.  The girls thought they had some interest and tried it out this summer.  And that's when my girls true personalities shined.  Chloe is a very much a girly girl.  She likes to dance and ice skate, do her hair and others, put on make up (dress up only) wear cute, fashionable clothes and earrings.  Let me tell you soccer is not her thing.  She would run towards the ball with the group of people but would never go after the ball. Her arms were flailing all around and she would run sideways or do ballet leaps.  Yep, I don't see soccer being a part of her future. But she finished the summer session with a smile.

   Then we have Aubrie.  She has always been my even mix of girly and tomboy.  She loves playing with baby dolls and stuffed animals and playing Dr and is very loving and caring, very sweet and gentle.  Then she will turn around get down and dirty in the mud, play with matchbox cars, is into spiderman and superman, picks up bugs and frogs, will growl and get rough and tough.  So out on the soccer field her true colors shined.  She would run after that ball and kick it, kept her arms up tight to her body like a true runner and player, kept score and payed attention to when her team would score, would look forward to playing every week.  She loved it and was sad when the summer session was over.  She wanted to play again.

Yes, Chloe is wearing a skort and her hair was down cause that is how girly girls play soccer.
   This fall I signed Aubrie up to play on a soccer team.  She was so incredibly excited, it was all she talked about for a month.  The first week it had rained the night before so the field was wet and slippery.  Aubrie had been excited that morning and when she first got there she ran out on the field did some warm up exercises.  Then the game began she chased the ball and then slipped and fell.  She ran off the field and refused to return.  Aubrie was so emotional about it. Just cried and cried and cried. She is a very emotional girl, but usually mud doesn't bother her.  She usually will cry after a fall but after a few minutes will move on.  Not this time.  I thought "great, shes scared for life from ever playing again, and there goes that money down the drain cause she's never going back out there".  Pleasantly, I was wrong (there is a first for everything... just kidding).  The whole next week she talked about soccer.  The day of the game she was a little hesitant, but she went back out there and played her little heart.  This week was much more enjoyable and they "won" there game (this is 5yr olds at the Y, there is no winning team).  After that soccer was at the top of her list and she was back to loving it. 
She got to start the game with rock, paper, sissors. Check out that soccer stance.
She was always so proud of herself when she actually got to kick the ball.

Warming up

Half time, time for a drink.  Always had this smile on her face.
   Then came the last game.  On the way to the game she was so sad cause it was the last one and was counting down the months until the spring season of soccer started. But her little frown turned upside down as soon as she found out it that she was getting a medal for participating on the team.  It was like Christmas morning for her.  The pictures say it all.
The smile and excitement when she first found out about the medal.
I wish I could have gotten the picture from the ground up.  That smile was gigantic.

After she sat down from receiving her medal.

Couldn't stop looking at it.

Being polite and clapping for her team mates.

Showing me her medal.
   Not sure, but I may have a soccer player in the family.  I love the innocence of these kids and the pure enjoyment that they get from getting a medal.  This is what life is about.  Love her!!

October 14, 2014

Another wheelchair and stander

   The original wheelchair that we picked out for Sadie back in February, as you know from a previous post, was terrible for Sadie. We had to start the whole process over again.  The wheelchair that Sadie has borrowed since the beginning of the school year we (PT, teacher, myself) decided seemed to be the perfect chair for her.  We had our appointment today, she is fitted, all accessories are picked out and most importantly  ;) the color was picked.  Now the waiting game begins. It has to be approved by 2 insurances, then I have to approve the amount of money that insurance isn't going to cover, then it has to be ordered, then it has to come in and be customized, and then we get it.  It's all such a waiting game.  But that is the name of the game in the special needs world. Waiting, waiting, waiting.  At least this time they said we should get it in a few months. I'm not holding my breath though.
   We also are going to try ordering Sadie her very own stander for at home.  Hopefully, the insurance company will approve this.  What is a stander you ask?  It's a contraption/gadget/tool (?) that helps her to stand and put weight on her legs, something that she doesn't know how to do.  They have used one at school a few times and she seems to enjoy it.  Hopefully, insurance will see the importance for it and approve it.  Again we will play the waiting game.