December 29, 2013

Winter fun

Last day of school before winter break the girls wanted to play in the snow. 
They started a fort and decided it was to hard.
Started a snowball fight and then got mad at each other when they got hit with a snowball. 
Ran around like crazy girls and had a blast. 
Finally they decided to build a snowman.  It was perfect snow for packing.  Dad came home from work at the perfect time and decided to join them.  They had so much fun working on it with dad.

We didn't have a carrot for his nose, so we used celery.

(Not sure how I got the snow to fall in these picture but it's pretty cool!)
The final product.
Then after a week and a half, after a snow/ice/wind storm, after a very short lived warming,  this is what our poor snowman looks like.  LOL
(Note to self:  Do not use celery for a nose as it looks like snot later on).
While they were outside freezing, Sadie and I sat by the fire... nice and warm!

December 19, 2013

And the results...

are NOT in!

Called the genetics counselor yesterday since it marked our 16 weeks of waiting.  Guess what? They told me that the tests are now taking about 6 months to run do to the demand of the testing and the fact that we opted to get some genetic testing run on my husband and myself.  That puts us at the end of February.  The counselor said that hopefully she will get the results the end of February and then it takes a week or 2 for their office to review the results and interpret them and then they need to make an appt for us.  The thought is that by the end of March we should hopefully have results.

So we wait some more.  *sigh* The story of Sadie's life!

December 16, 2013

Who's that baby in the mirror?

Typical developing babies will start looking in the mirror somewhere around 6 months or so (I think).  That's when they start to develop a sense of self.  Sadie has never done this. This mirror has been set up in her "therapy corner" at our house for the last 4 months.  Sadie has never given it a second glance.  It was just another thing to her.  Well today Sadie was laying on the floor looking at the colored flower that sits above the mirror.  Her eyes moved down looked in the mirror and rolled over the other way.  Then she stopped, turned just her head, and looked in the mirror.  She then got a huge smile on her face and rolled the rest of her body over.  She stared at herself forever. She would smile and laugh.  Then lay real still, no smile, and then start all over again.  I wish I would have gotten a video of it, but at least I got a picture.  And this was no fluke either.  She has done this multiple times since that day.

December 15, 2013

A little bit curly, a little bit straight

   As Sadie has been growing, so has her hair... on half of her head.  Not really sure what this is about.  There are a couple of different theories.  The first is that is has to do with her hemihypertrophy.  Hemi causes an overgrowth of cells, which causes things to be bigger, and thicker.  The other theory is that it has to do with her PCH in some weird way.  After talking to some of the other parents of kids with PCH a couple of their children have hair just like Sadie.
On the left side of her head her hair is thick and curly and growing fast.

And on the right side, her hair is thin and straight and growing very slowly.  (The curls you see at the bottom are actually from the other side.  It's a camera trick.)

   These pictures were taken over the summer so her hair was shorter then it is now.  But it is still growing the same way, uneven.  Even the texture is completely different.  I swear, this child is the biggest mystery.  My hope is that one day her hair is long enough on both sides to be able to put a pony tail in the back.  Or long enough to put pigtails on each side.  But for now, she will just have to be sporting the 80/90's side ponytail.  Gotta love her!!

December 09, 2013

Those tiny feet

   This summer I had my first garage sale.  Honestly, it was my last garage sale too.  Too much work with very little success.  But anyways, as I was going through some of the girls old clothes and shoes I came across the cute, little ruby red shoes that Aubrie wore in her 18 month pictures and for Christmas. They were a size 5.  Hmmmm, lets compare to Sadie's feet (she is 20 mo in this pic).

   Yep, waaaaaaay smaller. Sadie's left foot is a size 2 and her right foot is a size 1.  And they are very skinny.
   For now they will go back in the shoe box of future shoes for Sadie.  I do wonder how long it will take for her to grow into these.  If she grows at her current pace she will be around 4 yrs or so. Crazy!