December 29, 2013

Winter fun

Last day of school before winter break the girls wanted to play in the snow. 
They started a fort and decided it was to hard.
Started a snowball fight and then got mad at each other when they got hit with a snowball. 
Ran around like crazy girls and had a blast. 
Finally they decided to build a snowman.  It was perfect snow for packing.  Dad came home from work at the perfect time and decided to join them.  They had so much fun working on it with dad.

We didn't have a carrot for his nose, so we used celery.

(Not sure how I got the snow to fall in these picture but it's pretty cool!)
The final product.
Then after a week and a half, after a snow/ice/wind storm, after a very short lived warming,  this is what our poor snowman looks like.  LOL
(Note to self:  Do not use celery for a nose as it looks like snot later on).
While they were outside freezing, Sadie and I sat by the fire... nice and warm!

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