December 09, 2013

Those tiny feet

   This summer I had my first garage sale.  Honestly, it was my last garage sale too.  Too much work with very little success.  But anyways, as I was going through some of the girls old clothes and shoes I came across the cute, little ruby red shoes that Aubrie wore in her 18 month pictures and for Christmas. They were a size 5.  Hmmmm, lets compare to Sadie's feet (she is 20 mo in this pic).

   Yep, waaaaaaay smaller. Sadie's left foot is a size 2 and her right foot is a size 1.  And they are very skinny.
   For now they will go back in the shoe box of future shoes for Sadie.  I do wonder how long it will take for her to grow into these.  If she grows at her current pace she will be around 4 yrs or so. Crazy!

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