April 29, 2015

Sitting proud

One morning before school Sadie was just in an incredibly happy mood and was giggling like crazy and trying to sit up, and get up on her knees. She was so full of energy. As I was playing with her I got this crazy idea to try having her sit in a chair, just to see what she would do.  I've tried this many times before, and she never was going for it, always arching and "telling me off". But this time, lo and behold, she sat there beautifully! When she would start to wobble, she would catch herself, making small corrections to her form.  She would look all around at what was going on.  Followed the cat as he walked by and even giggled as the cats tail brushed on her hand.  She sat there for almost 10 min. Just observing her world. It was an amazing sight. One that I wasn't sure I'd ever see.  But once again, Sadie is always full of surprises and amazes me everyday.  This is one of the best gifts that a special needs child will give you... daily surprises. You don't know when they will come, but when they do, your heart just grows and grows with pride and excitement and it almost feels like it will burst.  I wish everyone could experience this feeling. 
 This is the chair. No arms, no seat belt, no pummel for between her legs to keep her from sliding.  Just a typical chair. I was told my daughter would never achieve the typical milestone to sit or balance.  She was going to be a "vegetable".  Well look at her now Dr's!

April 25, 2015

Busy Saturday

Chloe celebrated her first communion today. She was so beautiful.

She was my sweet, clean little princess by day...
 And my down and dirty little softball player by night.
This is her first year playing softball.  She was so excited and for never playing before she did an excellent job. She has a really powerful hit, but being catcher is probably not her forte. Lol I'll give her props for trying. God bless her heart. But... catcher... no.
Then we have Aubrie who is also playing t-ball for the first time.  She was born to play sports. She loves them, she's good at them, and can that girl run!
She is one darn good hitter.  Where Aubrie got so much power behind that little swing of hers is beyond me. She usually gets the ball out to the grass every time she hits.

Then she runs, and runs, and runs.  Never stops to listen to the coach on if she should stop on the base or not.  She reminded me of Forrest Gump when he just kept running and running and running.  That was so her! In fact, the first time up she hit the ball it was a grand slam and as she was running the bases she runs past one of her own team mates. Lol  She has a little bit to learn about the rules.
And here is Sadie.  This was her the majority of the day.  Apparently church, restaurants, and baseball fields were not very exciting for her.  She slept all day.  Hopefully she is just growing, and not coming down with anything.  Fingers crossed!

April 18, 2015

Daddy/Daughter dance 2015

Aubrie -full of sassiness!

Chloe -future superstar!

Daddy's girls! They have him wrapped around their fingers.

April 14, 2015

Shirts with words


Make Everyday Fabulous Happy & Fun
  I'm not really that fond of shirts that have phrases or words.  I can't say that she doesn't wear them cause others get them for her and I am grateful for that.  However, if I am shopping for her, I don't normally buy them for her.  But I saw this shirt and for some reason it screamed Sadie all over it.  It sparkles just like her beautiful eyes and it just simply says everything that Sadie is all about. We help her to live everyday to the fullest. She herself is always happy and she seems to be having fun doing whatever she chooses to do. Very rarely does she ever complain, and when she does complain, it is because we are trying to get her to try things that are not her idea an invading her space.  She has a little big stubborn streak in her .  If there is anything to be learned from Sadie, it is to make everyday fabulous happy and fun!