June 20, 2013

Aubrie's 4th Birthday

Aubrie turned 4 yrs old!
   It is hard to believe that she has been in my life for 4 yrs.  Some days it seems like I have had her in my life forever, and other days it feels like she was just born.  She has brought so much laughter to my life, as she has a naturally funny personality.  She has also brought many grey hairs to my head as she has a very stubborn personality.   And boy, does she have a temper!  I honestly do not know where she gets her temper from.  Maybe it's a middle child thing?  Who knows, but it gets her in trouble, a lot!  She definitely keeps me on my toes.
   For her birthday I had this cute, little girl, summer birthday party theme all picked out.  During dinner one evening I was talking about her birthday and what we were going to do and I was telling her about the theme.  I was giving her a few choices of colors and other fun things and she says to me, "I don't want that stuff, I want pirate stuff."  WHAT?! No, this is my sweet 4 yr old girl. She should be choosing sweet girly things, not PIRATES!  As a parent, I try to let the girls be who they want to be.  I encourage certain things a little bit more then other things, but in the end they usually have the final say.  I'm not talking about major life events that they get to choose. I'm talking about what clothes they wear, what activities they want to do, what shoes, what stuffed animals they want.  Choices that they are capable of making and that are within reason.
   I started trying to make a joke out of pirates and laughing about it in hopes that I could get her to change her mind, but at the same time trying to make her think it is her idea not to have pirates (ya know, reverse psychology).  I then start looking through the party supplies book and pointing out other themes trying to get her to agree on my original theme.  Does my plan work?  Absolutely not!  She kept coming back to the pirate theme party.  Ugh!  I want cutesy, not scary for my 4 yr old girl.  As I began to give up and agree on pirates, I came across girl pirates.  I showed them to Aubrie and she jumped on board with the girl pirates.  We compromised.  She got pirates.  I got smiling skulls with bows in their "hair" and a pink and black color theme.  Here are some of the pics.
Pirate eye patch with feathers, sequins and bows. :)
Even Sadie wore an eye patch.  I tried to get her pirate grin to go along with it, but she was having nothing to do with it.  The little stinker!
Pirate sisters!!
   Aubrie also likes to play super hero.  She will tie scarfs around her neck and "fly" around the house and yard saving "wounded" stuffed animals.  Then she will turn into a Dr and fix them up.  She has the best imagination of any child that I know and can entertain herself for hours.  I love it!  So for her birthday she got superhero gear and a pet Dr kit.  She hasn't put down either one since this weekend.  All of our "animals" in the house have been saved multiple times, fixed up and feeling much better,  thanks to Dr. Super hero!
My little super hero!
  (No, I did not pose her this way. It's her natural super hero pose.)

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