February 11, 2014

Cranial nerve 5

It may be the death of me!
  Nerve 5 is responsible for sensation and feeling of the eye.  Sadie, as we all know, lacks this sense. She woke up with her eye all red and blood shot and 3/4 closed.  I didn't see an injury like I did last time, but every time I pried her eye open she would roll it back in her head.  So off to the eye Dr we went.
  He did his eye exam and "died" her eye yellow/green and looked at it under the black light.  Luckily, the exam turned out with "good" results.  There are no ulcers!  Yay.  However, they are very scratched on the surface.  This is caused from 3 things.  1. Her eye lashes are always on her eyeballs because they turn in and she just has squinty eyes. 2. She doesn't blink appropriately, so she does not "clean" them as often and 3. she doesn't make as many tears as the rest of us to keep her eyes moist.  This environment makes for "angry eyes".
  Luckily, this is an easy fix (we hope).  We are now putting an antibiotic eye ointment on morning and night and putting on a thick eye ointment 3 times a day.  To make it easy on us to remember, we do her eyes every time she eats. Hopefully this plan works.  We go back in a month or so to check.  If it doesn't work, then they are talking surgery to turn her eye lashes out.  Boo, we do not want this. Let's hope and pray this works.  Bless her heart, she never complains. 


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