November 11, 2014

The magic necklace

Who would have thought that these would be an answer to one of our small problems?!
   What is this? Baltic amber teething necklace.  A while back my mom was telling me that she was at one of our friends houses and that her little boy was wearing beads that stopped him from drooling.  I just smiled and nodded at my mom.  I won't lie, I thought she was crazy.  Beads can't make a child stop drooling. Right?  That was like 2 months ago or so.  I totally forgot about this conversation. Then a few weeks ago, we had a new neighbor move in next door.  I noticed he was wearing a necklace and asked about it.  She said it was a teething necklace to help with drool. Really?  This is twice now that these beads have been mentioned. I inquired a little further, intrigued abut these beads.  Still a little leery about these beads, she suggested that I borrow them for Sadie and see for myself.  Sure, why not?  I have nothing to lose. Other things that are "not in the box" have worked for her, why not these?  Ok, won't lie, I still thought that this was a crazy idea, however, we borrowed the beads anyway.  Not even an hour after putting these beads on her, the drool stopped.  I just figured it was a fluke.  A few days passed, the top of her shirt was still dry. I thought she probably just wasn't teething at the moment.  Pure coincidence.  Then a few weeks passed and then my husband said to me "Sadie isn't really drooling anymore, maybe those beads do work".  Then my mom commented on her shirt being dry. And then her teacher commented on her not being so drooly anymore and having to wipe her face all the time.
  Are we all crazy or do these beads really work? It really seems like they do.  Heck, why not?  We will get Sadie one of her own.  It's not going to hurt her, the beads can't break apart for her to choke on, and she doesn't put anything in her mouth anyways.
  A few more weeks go by and I still hadn't gotten Sadie a necklace.  But it was time to give this one back to our neighbor.  We had borrowed it for way too long.  I took it off and went over to my neighbors to give it back, but no one was home.  So I came home put it on the counter to try again later.  Later that evening, I picked Sadie up off her blanket and she was soaked from drool.  Her hair was soaked and her shirt.  I was shocked.  As fast as the drool went away with the necklace on, it came back just as fast with the necklace off.  I am now a believer.  These beads work!  LOL I'm pretty sure they are magical!  I am not a naturalist at all, but I really am beginning to believe that there is something to all this natural stuff.

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