January 25, 2015

A stander of her own

   Santa's big gift to Sadie this year was a stander.  Many people ask me what is a stander?  Well, this is it.  It just helps a child to bear weight and learn the muscles that are used to do this task.  Sadie's physical therapists have wanted one of these for Sadie for so long.  I wasn't to thrilled with the idea simply because Sadie did not have head control and I wasn't going to strap her head down just to keep it up.  But now that she can control it, it's a different story.  I can't say that this is her favorite thing to do, however, since she has been doing this at school and now at home she is more willing to put her feet down on the ground and "stand".  At the beginning of the school year as soon as you would pick Sadie up, she would pull her legs up just like an infant.  Now, you pick her up and she puts them straight down and willing to put weight on them. Don't get me wrong, we still have a long way to go, but we all have to start somewhere!

Loves watching her iPad
Her sisters are always proud of her and cheering her on.
I tell them to pose with their sister, and this is what I get. A 5 yr old that loves to be funny and a 7 yr old who thinks she is a teenager and rocking the side pony tail.  Lol!
Finally, I get a half way decent picture.  :)

Sadie also has been known to fall asleep in the stander.  Apparently, standing is pretty hard work and exhausting.

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