February 20, 2015


Seriously, could she look any cuter?

  Sadie has had eye issues her entire life.  Wait, let me rephrase.  Sadie has had multiple eye issues her entire life.  They "dance", both up and down and left to right.  She has corneal anesthesia, were she doesn't feel her eyeballs themselves and doesn't blink appropriately. She also has entropion, which is were her eyelids (mostly her bottom ones) turn inwards causing her eyelashes to rub on her eyeballs. She has cortical vision, which is where she can see out of her eyes, but her brain has a hard time interpreting what she is seeing.  So why shouldn't we add nearsightedness to her list of eye issues? Lol This all sounds like a lot, well, it is a lot, however, we have it all managed.  Sadie has had some fantastic eye dr appts these last few visits.  Her eye muscles are getting stronger, so there is less dancing.  There are no scratches or ulcers due to all the washing and ointments that we use on them.  She is very visually aware of everything going on.  Her tracking of objects is amazing.  And at our last appt the Dr decided it was time to give her some glasses.
  So after the appt we went straight over to the optical place and picked them out for her.  For those that know me well, know I HATE making fashion decisions.  I hate shopping.  Its just not me.  I am so out of the fashion loop its actually embarrassing.  So to have to decide on these glasses and by myself, seriously stressed me out.  I debated and debated. The guy probably thought I was a lunatic, but he dealt with me with a smile on his face.  Bless his heart.  I had to pick between flexable ones or wire ones, rectangle or round, and a bazillion colors.  After a very long debate with myself, you can see the end product.  I think they are super cute and for once, I'm happy with my fashion choice.
  She doesn't seem to mind them.  I can't say I have seen much of a difference with her looking at things yet, but hopefully time will show some difference.  The main problem that we have is that when she turns her head sometimes the glasses don't move with her face so they get all cock eyed, or fall down.  Somehow I have to fix this problem.  I think if I tighten the strap around her head it should help, but the eye glass guy says they are perfect the way they are and not to tighten them.  He obviously doesn't have a special needs child that he lives with on a daily basis that has to wear them and can't fix them themselves.  But that's ok, I'll just brainstorm with my other special needs mommies and see what they have done.  It's all good.

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