February 25, 2015

Pictures and stars from the beginning

School has been so good for Sadie.  It is changing my little girl and she is making leaps and bounds.  They may seem like no big deal to the average Joe, but to me, my family, Sadie's teachers and therapists they are huge!  Sadie's teacher always sends me pics of different things that she does.  She sends me the good and the bad.  That's what I love. Her teacher hides nothing from me and celebrates the triumph with me.

 At the beginning of the year Sadie had to have a strap over her shoulders and across chest to keep her up, now....

She will sit in a classroom chair with just a belt across her lap...
and she will sit in the chair even longer if you put an iPad in front of her.

I'm just standing around watching my teachers and friends.

Her teacher likes to put lots of sensory things on and around her so she is "forced" to touch things.  Sadie loves to touch her own head and feet, so her teacher uses this to her advantage.  It must be working cause Sadie is now more open to touching a holding things.
If someone would have told me that Sadie was holding a paint brush and a present bow, I would have said "yeah, right" and laughed in their face, but pictures don't lie.
This picture and ....

this picture crack me up!
I can just hear her now telling her teacher off for putting her in this thing and trying to make her stand in water. 



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