December 12, 2015

I think this is the 5th one

  5th what?  Sleep study!  Yes, here I sit again as my daughter sleeps with a bazillion wires and tubes attached to her head and body.  Honestly, I'm not sure why we are having anther one, but the Dr's must have there reasons. As far as I can tell, all her numbers are the same.  Nothing has changed.
  However, at least we had some excitement during this study. About an hour into our wonderful stay the fire alarms go off.  I work at this hospital , so I know that they test them frequently and policy is to close all the patients room doors.  So this happens.  About 5 mins or so after the alarms are going off our respiratory therapist comes in and says that we had to evacuate the building. WHAT!? Is this fire for real?  Luckily Sadie was not asleep yet, so we packed up all her stuff, put her in the stroller, transferred all our wires and machines safely and out the door we go.
  Luckily, it is not our typical winter in Michigan this year.  It has been fairly warm and no snow.  We hung out outside for about 10 min or so.  It ends up that there was no fire, but they couldn't figure out why the alarms were going off so that's why we evacuated.  Sadie didn't mind.  She loves the cool air and all the bright lights from the fire truck.  She was a happy girl.  And luckily the fresh air wore her out and she fell asleep right away after we got back in and got her all settled.
  At least this sleep study was entertaining. :)

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