March 15, 2016

A new bed!

  A while back I wrote a post about looking for a safety bed for Sadie.  As I was looking, I also started to deal with insurance, looking for grants, charities that donate beds, and I reached out to facebook looking for a carpenter.  I was going no where fast.  Insurance is ridiculous!  And I know I've mentioned it in this blog before, but I HATE dealing with them!  They do not care about special needs what-so-ever.  They barely cover equipment or food or prescriptions or appointments.  You have to fight and fight and fight, while they deny, deny, deny and then FINALLY they will "cover the cost", and it's a smidgen of the cost.  Our society has failed our special needs community, but that's for my soapbox story some other time.
  Just as I was feeling the frustrations of going no where, my prayer was answered.  My mother in law ran into her cousin in a store who she doesn't speak to often.  As they got to talking she discovered that he had made a safety bed for his grand daughter, who has cerebral palsy, a few years back.  Bless this mans heart, he said that he would be happy to make Sadie a bed.  He is a retired carpenter and was looking for a winter project.  Could this really be happening?!
  He came to my house and we chatted about all of Sadie's needs and her future and he shared his stories and his love of his grand daughter.  He then showed me pics of the bed that he made for her, It was exactly like the beds I had picked out. He then took measurements of me, Sadie's room and the mattress that she would be using, so that it would be totally customized to our needs.  As he was leaving he stated that it should be done in a few weeks. WHAT?!  A few weeks?  I was expecting to get her bed for a her 5th birthday, that's why I started after her 4th birthday, in HOPES of getting it by her 5th.  I figured this whole process was going take at least a year.  He also said he was only going to charge me for the materials. $400-$800 versus $7000-$10,000. WHAT?! Seriously? God bless this man!  Sometimes in the special needs journey, well I guess any journey, you can get so frustrated that you stop having faith in humanity.  Then something happens and a person appears in your life, and faith is restored.  It's like a breathe of fresh air when you don't have to fight for something.
  A couple weeks ago he delivered and set it up.  It is absolutely beautiful and perfect (and huge and sturdy).  And Sadie LOVES it.  It is a twin size bed.  She can turn circles in this bed without hitting the sides with her head, legs, or arms, like she has been the last 6-9 months or so in her crib.  She can even lay the width of it all stretched out, without hitting the sides.  We love it and she loves it. What else could we ask for?  Thank you Joe, you truly are an Angel to Sadie and our family.




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