March 24, 2016

Check her out!

  The other day my mom was at my house and she was going to take Sadie outside to put her in her wheelchair, as her school bus would soon be arriving.  She was about to walk out the door when Sadie wiggled a little funky and my mom wanted to put her down to readjust her position.  As she was bending over to put her down, Sadie decided to put her feet down. It pleasantly caught us off guard.  Sadie decided to just continue to weight bear on both legs.  Then my mom decided to let go to see what Sadie would do and VOILA! She stood there all by herself, head held high and back straight.  As we were watching her, I was wishing my cell phone wasn't dead so I could take a picture, thinking that by the time I ran and got my real camera, she would have fallen.  However, she continued to stand there like a champ, just staring at me.  I decided to attempt to go get my camera.  Not only did she continue to stand but she followed me with her head, watching my every move.  I came back and snapped a few pictures, then she started wobbling and my mom caught her before she collapsed.  We were in complete shock!  My baby stood!  It was the most beautiful sight.  I was told to never expect anything from her. Here she is standing alone, no one holding her up.  Yes, she was leaning a little on my mom legs, but that was it.  We rarely see her weight bear on both feet, at the same time, for a long period of time without being in her stander.  In the past, and even today as I write this, when we hold her/attempt to stand her, she will either pull up both her legs like an infant, or she only puts one leg down, like a flamingo.  Not sure what came over her at this moment, but I'll take it!  I'm not naïve, I know that this was probably a freak moment, BUT if she does it once, she will do it again.  She's proven that to me over and over again.
   After my mom put Sadie on the bus to go to school, she also left my house.  As I sat there alone, thinking about what I just witnessed, I started to shake from excitement and adrenaline and I cried happy, disbelief tears.  Thinking back to Sadie's first year of life and listening to all the negative things that all these Dr's kept telling me.  How I kept thinking they have to be wrong, I had so many hopes and dreams for my baby and had so much faith in her, but yet got so discouraged at times by what others would say or even sometimes by Sadie's own actions..  All the therapies, all the Dr appt's, all my own therapy sessions with her at home, they are all worth it!  How proud I am of this little girl.  How far she has come.  How she is proving Dr's wrong, left and right.  It was such an over whelmimg feeling.  I don't even know how to describe it.  Every moment, every comment that has been made, every tear we shed,  has all been worth it when I see her accomplish a milestone.

Hope sees the invisable, feels the intangable, and achieves the impossible.  -Anonymous

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