May 05, 2016

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

  Ohhhh, this little girl.  How can she be sick again? High fever 104.5, no other symptoms except that she is super tired, which always happens when she has a fever.  She was completely fine yesterday, no illness in sight.  That morning she slept in until 11, a little odd but maybe she is growing?  However, her sister also informed me that her throat hurt.  When I looked in her throat it was flaming red. I took her to the Dr to have her checked for strep and while I was there the Dr noticed Sadie wasn't looking so hot.  With the fact that Aubrie just tested positive for strep and Sadie just so happened to get sick the same day, he decided to treat her for strep also.  I'm not completely convinced that it was strep, however, the antibiotic perked her up and she was off and "running" within a few days.  Maybe it was strep? Maybe it was something else.  Not sure, but antibiotics are definitely Sadie's friends.  When she gets sick and they think it's a virus and hold off on the antibiotics her illnesses last for weeks.  But as soon as we start her on an antibiotic she perks up within a day or two.

Heading back to school a few days later. Happy and healthy!

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