May 03, 2016

Maybe we figured it out

  Tis the season for appointments, falalalalalalalala!  They always seem to fall together in about a months span. No matter how hard I try to space them out, some how they all get bunched together.  In the past month we have seen the Eye Dr, Dentist, GI Dr , Neurodevelopment Dr and then coming up in the next week or so she is seeing , the Endocrinologist, Pulmonologist, Orthopedist and having an ultrasound and sleep study.  Yep, just a few appts.  BUT that's ok, it's helping to keep my daughter healthy, happy, and progressing.  And to me that's all that counts.
  As I mentioned one of the appointments was with her neurodevelopment Dr. As I was chatting with her about this pain issue, she was also assessing her.  Again she really didn't come up with anything that struck her as odd or off about Sadie.  Nothing seemed to hurt as she was pushing on her belly (or pushing on anything for that matter). She also was at a dead end with this pain issue when she decided she wanted to check a urine sample to see if she had an infection, so we caught a sample and I took it too the the lab after her appoinment.  Expecting it to be normal cause she showed no symptoms of a UTI, I totally forgot about dropping the sample off.  Later that evening I get a call from the Dr's nurse saying that the ua was indicating that she had an infection?  WHAT!?  Seriously? I would have never guessed in a million years that she had an UTI. Sure enough, a couple days later the Dr's office called me again and said that the culture grew bacteria.
  The Dr herself called me to tell me the results.  She also went on to say that since we were unsure how long she has had this infection, and she has been in pain since January, and the fact that her BP was slightly higher then her normal,  she wanted to get an ultrasound of her kidney's and bladder to make sure there was no damage from the infection.  Come on!  This is the last thing that this child needs.
  Good news!  A few weeks later we went to the ultrasound and it was negative, no damage!  Yay!!  And the pain seems to have stopped.  Yay!!  And the repeat UA was negative.  Yay!!  My poor baby had a UTI and was having bladder spasms.  That's what was causing all the pain. My heart broke a little bit wishing that it was caught earlier.  Those are the moments that I wish that Sadie could have talked.  

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