July 05, 2013

Happy 4th of July

   I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!  Thank you to all of our Veterans who have served to protect us and give us the freedom to be able to celebrate this day.
   This year we celebrated by taking the girls to the zoo and sitting around a bonfire at my parents house setting of our own fireworks.  The girls had a blast.  Here are some of our pictures of the day.

  We started in the petting zoo.  This was the girls favorite. Well, sort of.  Aubrie was afraid to feed and touch them (she is so cautious), but loved that they were at eye level with her and so close.
Birds landing on Chloe's head.

Aubrie was all ready to feed the giraffe, and then freaked out as soon as the giraffe's tongue came toward her.

Chloe enjoyed it though.

Sadie loved looking at the giraffes.  She wouldn't take her eyes off of them.
Not sure what animal this was, but it had a really long tongue.  He came really close to licking Sadie's face.  The girls and dad thought it was funny, mom not so much!

Sadie thought he was stinky!
Finally, at the end of the petting zoo Aubrie finally got the nerve to pet a baby goat (with a little help from Papa).
The girls enjoyed riding the wild safari bus.

Even Sadie enjoyed it (until she realized that Daddy was holding her and she freaked out and wanted to lay down).
With the heat that we had, we weren't sure how Sadie was going to do regulating her body temperature.  We brought this little squirt bottle fan to help...

She was in heaven!
As long as she was in front of the fan, she was smiling.  I truly believed she enjoyed her first trip to the zoo!

 Next came the fireworks!
This was Aubrie the majority of the night. 

She really enjoyed it, I swear.

Chloe enjoyed the fireworks.

Chloe liked doing the sparklers and Sadie watched with big eyes.  Aubrie, as usual, was too cautious to actually hold the sparklers but she liked telling Chloe what patterns to make with the sparklers.
And since Sadie is too little to hold her own sparkler, daddy got as close as possible to her (without catching her stroller on fire) so that she also could enjoy her own sparkler.  She laughed at first and got this huge grin and scrunched up her whole body like she usually does when she gets excited.  Then she just sat back and enjoyed the bright light.

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