July 19, 2013

Name Sign

   Last week we started a new chapter in Sadie's life... her education.  20 months old and she's starting school.  But it's all good.  1. It's home school  2. It's technically school for all of us.  A while back we met with a woman who explained the 2 options that are offered in our area in regards to education for the deaf/hard of hearing.  First option was the oral/aural approach, which is learning to listen, speak, and read lips.  The second option it the total communication approach, which is the same as the other approach except they add in sign language.  We choose total communication. 
   Sadie's new teacher came for her first visit last week.  She just gave us a lot of basic info and resources that will be helpful along our way.  She taught us the alphabet and a few useful signs; mom, dad, sister, etc... Then she says that we need to decide on a name sign for Sadie and why we are at it we can pick one for Chloe and Aubrie.  She explained how to create one and gave me a few ideas.  Over the past week we have been practicing what we have learned.  However, I am stuck.  I can not come up with a name sign for Sadie, no less the other 2 girls.  It's hard!  It almost like naming them all over again.  It was hard enough naming them the first time around!  I think about it all the time.  I want to have cute signs, but at the same time since we are unsure of how well Sadie is going to pick up signing, I want easy for her sake.
*Sigh*  Decisions, decisions! 

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