August 29, 2014

Aubrie's ears

  Aubrie is my very sensitive child.  If she thinks she hurt your feelings... tears.  If someone hurts her feelings... tears.  An animal gets hurt... tears.  She's scared... tears.  She's happy... tears.  She gets a scratched... tears.  For every emotion and situation... she cries.  She has a very tender heart.  She wants to be a nurse when she grows up so she can help Sadie to not have to go to the Dr's so often. She is also a very funny little girl.  Funny things just come to her so naturally and the way she delivers things is perfect. She is a stand up comedian and she has no idea. Well Aubrie got her ears pierced a couple weeks ago.  I thought for sure we would have screams heard through out the mall.  I thought for sure we would have to make sure to have two people do her ears at the same time or she would back out because of the pain after the first ear was done.  But I was pleasantly surprised and wrong.  This girl is so good at proving me wrong.  I don't think I give her enough credit.  I still see her as this fragile little girl.  But she is growing into this sweet, confident, strong, beautiful, funny little girl.

Before the piercing.  So quiet and serious.
During the piercing.  And yes they had to do them seperately because they didn't have enough workers to have two girls pierce her at the same time.
She held tight onto daddies hand!
The shocked moment of "Did I really just do that?"
And then the extremely proud moment when she realized that she did do it.

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