August 14, 2014

Really? Again?

A week before Sadie's heart surgery, her left ear started to have some drainage. We treated her infection with antibiotic drops, made sure it was gone prior to heart surgery and called it good. So we thought...

July 23 (a couple weeks after surgery) Sadie's left ear started to drain again. It was clear "ish", but a large amount of it so they decided to treat it assuming it was the start of an ear infection.  Usually, we just do the antibiotic ear drops and call it good.  But since she just had the heart surgery the heart surgeon wanted something systemic to make sure that no infection went to her heart, so we treated with amoxicillin.  However, the drainage never stopped.  So we added the antibiotic drops on top of the oral antibiotic.  Finished both of them after 10 days.  A couple of days later the drainage started again.  OK, now what?  The Dr took a culture of the fluid on a Friday and said start the abx drops again.  A couple days later (Monday) the culture came back growing nothing so they said stop the drops and see what happens.  Well guess what happened on Wednesday?

Yep, it started to bleed again.  Ugh!  So I called the Dr again. Expecting him to say that she needed to have another surgery to clean it out (just like she had when she was 18 mo).  To my surprise though he said, lets treat again with different abx drops and we will see what it looks like on Monday.  Fingers crossed these abx drop work.  They seem to be so far, the bleeding has stopped but there is still drainage.  I have a feeling that he is going to pull that tube out.  Which I don't want cause it is working and it will just have to be replaced eventually.

Oh these little ears!  Why can't they just cooperate?

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