August 05, 2014

The new seat

  Ohhhh how I took for granted Chloe's and Aubrie's muscles and how they met milestones with absolutely no problems.  You just don't realize how much you take muscles for granted until they are unable to be used or they just don't work correctly.
  Because of Sadie's weak core and neck muscles she can not participate in many activities.  Activities that you just don't think about until you are unable to do them.  Activities that not only effect her, but myself, like going grocery shopping.  I couldn't do it anymore when I had Sadie with me, because she couldn't sit in a cart and I am way to uncoordinated to be able to push a cart and pull a stroller.  The girls would try to help, but would get bored and lose interest in pushing the cart or stroller right in the middle of the trip and then we would be arguing in the store and it really wasn't their fault or really their responsibility.
  BUT NOW.... I CAN!!  Some brilliant person came up with this seat.  It's called a GOTO seat by Firefly.  It converts almost any regular seat into a head rest seat with a 5 point harness.  It has been a total game changer and Sadie LOVES it.  We can now....
sit out on the deck and look at peoples faces instead of their legs and feet under the table.

Sit at the table at burger king with my sisters and not have to look at the gum stuck to the bottom of the table (which is the view from the stroller).

Go shopping!

Sit at the dinner table with the family.

swing on the swings at the park.
   We are so thankful to have found this seat.  We have used it on numerous occasions and I'm sure we will use it many, many more times in the future.  I recommend this seat to anyone!

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  1. Sadie looks great!! I am so happy you told Bri about this blog! I miss you guys and now I can stay updated! I am glad her surgery went so well- I have been thinking about you guys, your family has been in my prayers! Sorry I didn't get to see you before I left the office- say hi to the girls for me! :)