July 31, 2014

Heart surgery follow up #2

  Sadie had her second check up on her heart.  This time with her regular cardiologist.  He did another chest x ray and echo. Both of them came out perfect again.  She has been "cleared".  What does that mean?  Simply that her heart is doing fantastic from the surgery and we do not have to go back for a check up for a year! He then continues on to tell me that he has the rest of her heart future planned out.  Looking confused at him he replies "She'll come back in a year, if its all good, then 3 years, if its all good, then 5 years, if its all good, then another 5 yrs, another 5 yrs.   We may even get to the place where you never have to see me again and I will become a distant memory."  Wow!  That sounds crazy to me, but at the same time, I LOVE IT.  One less Dr appt a year.  This really couldn't make me much happier.  Although I will miss him.  He is a wonderful and caring cardiologist. Thank you Dr Malcolm for everything!

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