July 10, 2014

All smiles

  Sorry, I didn't update yesterday.  It was a really good and easy day, but by the end of the day I was exhausted and when she went to sleep, I fell sound asleep too.

  Yesterday we just kinda laid low.  We took Sadie off all of the iv pain meds and she was just taking Motrin and Tylenol.  This just absolutely amazes me.  At first I thought the Dr's were a little nuts to do this, but it worked.  She was a little less active, but wasn't complaining of any pain.  She was more awake and alert. She just watched her surroundings, looked out the big window, watched her mobile, lights, and Ipad. Occasionally would drift to sleep, but just for short little cat naps. She was very content.
  We did have a little incident with her food.  Every time Sadie would eat she would start to complain and moan. As soon as I would stop the food, or it was over, she would stop complaining. At first I thought maybe it was pain, then I thought gas, and then I thought maybe she just needed to poo. Then I thought maybe she was nauseas.  Then she poo'd and passed a lot of gas and that didn't solve and any problem. There goes that idea.  She has a different cry and face when it comes to pain, so I knew it really wasn't that either.  By her second to last feed of the day and half way through it I just happened to look over and see the box of food that Sadie was given to eat.  It was the correct formula, but it was flavored with vanilla, not the unflavored kind that she is used to.  Hmmm, wonder if it's the flavoring?  So I told the nurse, she ordered the unflavored formula and we used it for her next feed. Sure enough, no issues.  Sadie's stomach is that sensitive to just the slightest of changes.  It's probably the sugar in the flavoring is the only thing I can think of.  Either way, lessened learned. No vanilla flavoring for her in the future.  

  Today has also been a good day.  She has had absolutely no issues.  They didn't pull any more tubes or wires, so she still has 8 left.  She is tolerating her food, and has no signs of pain. She is still taking both the Motrin and Tylenol.  Sometimes she complains but I think she is bored.  Even though I brought her a variety of her own things, it's still not the same as being at home.  Plus at home she has her two crazy sisters that play with her or at least dance and play around her for her to watch.  Mama just isn't as entertaining as a sister.
  I tried to distract her from being bored by getting her up into her stroller. She was all smiles and so relaxed. Loved every minute of it.  I kept her there for about 20 min. Then we moved into the high chair for lunch (yes, I know she is g tube fed and it really doesn't matter). It is more at a 90 degree angle, the back of her stroller doesn't go up that high.  She sat there for her entire feed which was 30 min. By the end of that, she was ready to get back in bed and take a nap.

Love this crocked smile! Melts my heart.
It must have felt so good to her to sit up after laying down for 3 days straight. All smiles, no tears, pure contentment.
  God bless this little girl!  She is rocking out this admission and surgery. Doing way better then what all of us expected.  If she keeps this up, we will be home in no time.
  Thank you everyone for all your prayers and thoughts.  I truly believe in the power of prayer!

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