July 08, 2014

Then there was 9

Now you seem them...
Now you don't!!
What am I talking about?  Tubes.  So not only did we get her breathing tube out last night, this morning they pulled both of her chest tubes and her arterial line (right wrist).  That's 3 more tubes out.  Total of 4, leaving 9 things left to be pulled out and taken off.  I'd say we are doing pretty darn good so far, for not even being 24 hours out of surgery.  :)
Last night was ok.  She slept well until about 2 and then woke up complaining. I wasn't sure if it was pain, hunger (she hadn't ate at all yesterday), or gas pain.  The Dr's still didn't want her to eat, so I couldn't fix it if it was that problem.  Gas pain it could have been, but she was a tooting little fool and was fixing her own problem .  The only thing I could do was have them give her more pain meds.  So they did.  However, it didn't work.  We tried more, still didn't work.  After a couple of hours of trying different tricks, nothing was working.  We finally decided to put her back on the a pain med drip and sedate her a little bit.  After about 30 min of the drip she fell back asleep and was peaceful the rest of the night.
This morning we took her back off of the drip because it's not really that ideal (plus her respiration's were not the best) and started a different pain med.  One that is strong but not sedating.  The Dr's are not exactly thrilled with her only breathing 4 times a minute.  I guess I can't blame them for that. ;)
They also started to let her eat.  They said regular feeds, but I said no.  I wanted her to have only clears for the day, until her stomach wakes up even more.  They agreed and said I could do whatever I wanted with her feeds.  I love how they listen to me. :)

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