July 11, 2014

Sisters made her day better

  Today was a fairly decent day.  Sadie was a little cranky only because of the fact that she decided that she didn't sleep very good last night. She just whined and cried for 3 hrs straight. Nothing was changing the situation either.  We weren't sure if it had to do with pain, gas/bowels, just being uncomfortable, hot/cold, not being home.  Finally, she fell asleep around 3. Only to be woken up 6 hours later to Dr's wanting to take more tubes and wires out of her.  She also decided to not take any naps for the rest of the day.  Not a happy little girl.  However, that all changed when we got some cute little visitors.  Was she ever happy to see her sisters.  She could not stop watching them and all they were doing.  We got some smiles out of her then.
  So that is the good news for the day is that she got 1 tube and 2 wires taken out of her chest. That means we are down to 5 tubes/wires.  The rest will not be removed until discharge.  Sadie is on a roll and should be discharged soon!


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