July 17, 2014

heart surgery follow up #1

  Went for Sadie's follow up appt with her heart surgeon. Unforetunetly, Dr Haw and the other cardiothorasic surgeons got called into a twin preimees emergency heart surgeries, so none of them were available for follow up for Sadie. I had a choose of coming back a different day or seeing the PA's that also followed Sadie in the hospital.  I just choose to see one his PA's. They saw her just as much as Dr Haw saw her, if not more.
  Her check up went as well as everything else.  Perfect! Perfect heart rate, perfect BP, perfect O2, perfect EKG, perfect incision, perfect chest x ray.  How this little girl pulled off such a perfect surgery and hospital admission is beyond me, but I LOVE IT!
  We will follow up with her regular cardiologist in a couple of weeks just for one last check.  :)

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