September 10, 2015

First day 4 yr old preschool 2015/16

Sadie 2nd yr of preschool

 Her bus driver was trying to help her wave goodbye. As we all know, she was not a fan of the hand holding.  She told him off in her own way, LOL.

However, after she was almost all the way in the bus, she decided to wave good bye on her own. This is one of her new milestones she's been working on. 

After school she was all smiles. She truly loves school.  It's very rare when she complains about going. She always comes home smiling (or sleeping cause they worked her so hard).  Her teacher tells me about times she complains about doing something new, but she always calms down fairly fast and generally goes right back to smiling.

Sadie's welcoming committee!

  Sadie has been waving for a long time, but she has never waved in a "conversation".  During the summer we noticed that every time she got on the bus she was waving back to me, and the bus driver reported that she waves when she gets off the bus at school. I also talked to her teacher and she reported that Sadie will smile and wave when she arrives in the classroom, and then waves again when she is getting on the bus at the end of the day.  Now her waving is more purposeful. We walk into her room, or the door, or whatever and she waves and smiles. Or if we wave to her she'll wave back.  It's not your traditional wave, with arm extended. It's her own signature wave. She puts her hand up under her chin and she gets so tickled with herself and gives a big ol' smile.  It's the sweetest thing ever.

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