September 16, 2015

Pretty, Pretty Princess

The girls and their friends love playing games with Sadie.  They always include her (the best they can) in what they are doing.  Sadie always has fun and never complains about what they are doing to her. They can even get away with holding her hand to put rings on them.

First Aubrie and her friend wanted to play with Sadie.

Then a few days later Chloe and her friend wanted to play it with Sadie.

We are so blessed that the girls have such good friends that want to play with Sadie and include her in activities.  It truly means the world to me (and Sadie).

*Just a side note. As the girls where playing with Sadie I looked up on my wall and saw the picture of Aubrie at the exact same age wearing the same outfit.  It was a little bittersweet. 1. Where did my little Aubrie go? I swear it was just yesterday that she was 3.  2. Can Sadie really be big/old enough to wear these clothes? 3. Sometimes I still get really sad that Sadie isn't able to stand and do what the other girls were able to do at that age.  But I look at that smile, and think "how can I be sad"?  She is amazing for who she is and I'm extremely lucky to have her!

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