April 25, 2016

April 25, 2012

  4 years ago to the day was Sadie's first surgery. It was for her feeding tube placement, nissen fundoplication, and a hiatal hernia repair (which was a surprise to everyone). I remember being scared, but so thankful that day.  Scared because it was the first time she was going to be under anesthesia and we had no idea how she was going to react to it.  And thankful because finally we were going to get this tube and tape off of my babies face.  It was almost like seeing my babies face for the first time.  I could really study it and get to know every little smirk, smile, dimple, crinkle of the nose.  I could stare at her for hours without being worried about putting a tube back down her nose so that she could eat.   I also remember being so thankful that we live in a generation were a feeding tube is able to be placed.  It broke my heart to think about all those babies way back when that couldn't suck and ended up starving to death and how those parents had to have felt.
  Sadie handled the surgery great.  No complications and not many signs of pain.  The only time that things got a little crazy was the morning after her surgery. It was about 6am and Sadie started fussing and then the fussing turned into screaming and then all her vitals were going all wacky.  The next thing I knew the entire crew flew into her room; dr's, interns, residents, nurses, nurse techs, respiratory therapists, lab techs.  Orders were flying left and right, vitals were being taken and repeated again.  I was trying to figure out what I missed, I didn't call anyone in there.  Finally, I realized that they were all freaking because of the sudden change in her vitals.  Just as I realized that this was the issue, her surgeon walked over to talk to me about what was going on.  I let him talk and then I said "I think she is just hungry, she hasn't eaten in 30 hours.  His jaw dropped, he turned and asked everyone that was in the room why she hadn't been fed yet and no one had a good answer.  He said loudly "Feed the child"!  He then apologized to me and to Sadie and walked out.  Needless to say her nurse returned in minutes with her food.  There was not even 5mls in her stomach and she settled right down and all her vitals started to return to her normal.  Amazing what food can do for a human , huh?
Morning of her surgery.  Last picture taken with the NG tube.  Sadie was so happy that morning.  She probably knew she was getting that tube out of her nose permanently.

Resting  peacefully after surgery.  That was the last day she ever sucked her thumb and the first day she developed her tactile defensivness.  She's never held anything in her hand since or put anything in her mouth again.

Of course the big sisters came to visit and watch over their baby sister.  I thought this was a sweet picture of the 3 of them, but then I realized it was the back of Sadie's head.  So we took another...
Oh Aubrie... she is my funny little girl.  Always was, always will be.

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