April 05, 2016

Just something about these places

  Today Sadie went to the dentist.  It's not her first time.  She's been there about 5 times I think.  As I was sitting there watching her, with this man hovering over her with instruments in his hand and in her mouth, I was in awe.  She was so calm, no crying, no fussing, no fighting, no nothing at all.  Now, did she just open up when he said too, no, cause she can't hear. But when he opened it with his tools, she opened instead of clenching her jaw.  No, she did not hold it open on her own free will because she doesn't have that understanding, but she didn't fight the soft block he put in her mouth. She just laid there, quietly, letting him do what he needed to do.  The dentist did not clean her teeth, as she doesn't need them cleaned yet (a perk of being tube fed and drooly).  But he did paint a fluoride on them. She just sat still.
  Sadie is like that: calm, happy, and content when it comes to Dr's (medical, eye, and dentists).  Whenever we are in their presents (and she's feeling good), she just is happy.  She lays silently and smiles, occasionally giggles and wiggles.  She stares off into space, completely mesmerized by the environment.  She never fights the Dr. She lets them do what they need to do. The first few times I thought it was just a fluke, but the more time goes on, the more common it's becoming.
  I don't know if it's just the feel of the environment or if she just feels a trusting vibe from the Dr or if it is because we are in these environments so often that they are second nature to her (which would be really sad), but her demeanor just amazes me.  She amazes me (have I ever told you that before?  ;) LOL)!  For a little girls who can't hear directions, or hear me prep her for the visit and what is going to happen, or who supposedly does not have the mental capability to understand what is going on, she sure does behave like a little Angel.  Just one more sign that she is an Angel that God sent to earth for me.

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