February 15, 2013

15 mo check up

   You would think by my 3rd child I would remember when a well visit with their pediatrician was supposed to be scheduled.  Nope, I didn't. Their office actually called me and asked when I wanted to schedule her 15 mo check up.  I just laughed.  Haven't they seen her enough?  Oh well, we went today.
  It was interesting, nothing to horrible.  Just things that we need to watch.  Her weight is up to 18lbs, 3 oz.  Not completely back up to her old weight, but at least she is back in the 18 lb area again.  Her height is 27 in., so she hasn't grown at all and her head circumference is the exact same as it was for her 12 mo check up. We are not completely sure why she has plateaued in all these area's.  Is it because we changed her formula when she turned a year? Is it because she has had a rough couple of months this winter?  Is it because of underlying conditions?  Maybe God's plan was that she wasn't going to grow the last couple of months?  Your guess is as good as ours.  So we are watching to see what happens the next few months.
  Our next issue is that she has had diarrhea the last week week and a half.  Diarrhea is not that uncommon for her.  But it usually only last a day or two and goes away.  Does she have a virus like my other 2 girls have had in the last few weeks?  Is it the mito disorder and absorption issue with her intestines?  Is it the increase in concentrated calories from her change in formula?  Again your guess is as good as ours?  So we are giving her little body another week or so to overcome this diarrhea issue.  If nothing changes then we are going to run some tests on her stool and see if anything shows up.  If nothing shows and it is still persistent, then we will be adding another specialist, a GI Dr.  Hopefully, this is just a virus and we will not have to go down yet another road.
  Next is her urine.  All the tests on her urine have all come back abnormal.  Probably because we have only done them while she is sick or has a UTI, however, some stuff that is showing up abnormal should not be caused by a UTI.  So her Dr wants to get a urine sample when she is healthy so that we have a baseline and to see if these 2 things are abnormal when she is healthy.  Hopefully by her 18 month check up she will considered healthy and we can get a urine sample.  Of course now my interest and concern about her urine are peeked.
  Everything else that the Dr checked out on her all checked out "normal" for Sadie.  She is still stumped about this hemihypertrophy.  It only seems to be in her leg and matches none of her current diagnoses.  The Dr admitted that she agrees that after our chat last week we really need to find out more about Sadie.  She took the list of mito Dr's that I had and she is going to do her own investigating and get an authorization for one of the specialist.  The list included Dr's from Riley Childrens Hospital in Indiana, Rainbow Babies and Childrens hospital in Ohio, and some Dr's from Detroit Mercy medical center in Michigan.  So if there are any Mito parents reading this and you have experience at any of these hospitals and mito Dr's please let me know.  Or if you know of any other mito Dr's that are somewhat close to Michigan, I would be glad to hear about them too. I don't want to waste my time and money on a useless Dr.

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