February 01, 2013

A week of sickness

   It started last Friday when Aubrie (my 3 yr old) started complaining about her tummy and her throat hurting.  Which led to vomiting, which led to extreme tiredness, which led to diarrhea (I know, TMI), which led to not eating or drinking, which led to dehydration and off to the Dr we went.  Diagnosis:  The "new" Norovirus.  Fantastic!  This alone made for an extremely long week.  Luckily I think she is almost healthy again.  Still working on her appetite, but everything else seems to have subsided.  Well, except for the fact that she now has a horrible cough.
  Then we have Sadie.  I am afraid she is getting sick, again.  She has not been sleeping well all week.  Waking every 30 to 45 min fussing and complaining and then slowly puts herself back to sleep. She's been snoring when she is sleeping (which is not her norm), and yesterday she had a couple of really bad coughing fits. This is not good!  This is how her RSV started.  We shall see what the next few days bring.  Hopefully it will not be another trip to the ER.  So far she is handling her food well and no signs of seizures, fingers crossed that that does not change.
  My husband is still healthy.  Myself, I am fairly healthy.  My stomach hurt last weekend, but nothing came of it and last night my throat started hurting and still is today.  But I can handle that.  The other GI stuff, well lets hope I don't get that.
  And as I am typing up this post, Chloe (my 5 yr old) calls me into the bathroom.  Yes, you guessed it.  She now has diarrhea (again TMI) and her stomach hurts.  Really? Let's hope and pray that this is not what I think it's going to be.  Or next week is going to be another long week.
  Here is the kicker.  I only work on Friday and Saturday night.  So my husband gets the weekend duty.  He does not handle bodily fluids very well.  Or I should say he doesn't handle them very well if they are anywhere but the toilet.  He will help the girls and clean them up. but the actual "accident scene", that's usually left for me.  He rolls the sheets up and puts them in the laundry room for me to clean up when I get home.  Gross!  At first I used to get so mad at him, and then I actually made him and watched him clean "the scene" before.  It was pathetic and horrible, so since then I've taken on the gross duty of clean up.  So I am anticipating coming home tomorrow morning to nastiness.
  I am sooooo over this winter sickness junk.  Time for warm weather again.  I hope all of you are healthy and that you stay that way.  Have a good weekend!

PS.  As I am writing this post, Sadie's pediatrician just so happened to call about her coming in next week for her RSV shot.  I mentioned to her that I thought she was getting sick again and asked what are the chances that she could get RSV again.  Her Dr replied "It would be extremely rare for a child who is already getting the RSV shot and has already gotten RSV this season to get RSV again.  However, I have never had a child with mitochondrial disease get RSV.  I don't know how her system will handle it.  Also, Sadie is very rare.  So for me to say that it is rare for a child to get it again, I'm sure Sadie will prove me wrong.  She has proven me wrong before so we will just wait and see how she handles it this time.  Call me if you think she needs to be seen."
  These are her exact words, not mine.  So do you see a pattern?  "Rare, just wait and see, I don't know."  This is the story of Sadie's life. *sigh*

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