May 15, 2015

Checking those bones

  We had a check up with the orthopedic Dr today.  We only see him once a year.  It's just to keep an eye on her back to make sure she is not developing scoliosis or kyphosis as she is more at risk for these two spine issues.  Its also to keep an eye on her leg length difference.

  They took some x rays and luckily her spine is looking good and there is no bend in any direction. Thank the Lord!  Treatment for those issues are not pretty.  I'm not sure her body would be able to handle the surgery required for these. We are hoping and praying that she never develops these.

Pictures collection of the medical condition Kyphosis…

   The Dr also took an x ray of her hips and legs.  He stated that both her femur and her tib/fib on the right are equally short.  He said sometimes it is one or the other, but not in her case and that is what he would expect to find when it is a congenital issue.  He measured her right side to be 1.25 cm shorter then the left.  He said that this wasn't that big of a difference and no intervention needs to be done at this time.  When she ever starts to walk then we can consider a lift in her shoe for the right side. If the difference ever hits greater then an inch or two then we can consider a surgery that stunts the growth of her longer leg until her shorter one catches up.  Honestly, I can't ever imagine us doing that surgery for her, but at least he gave me a heads up about it. Better to know about it then be blindsided.
  Overall, it was another good Dr's visit.

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