May 29, 2015

Sitting again

Since little Miss Sadie is uping her own game and practicing sitting so pretty, her teacher sent home a new chair for her to use this summer.  It is "just her size".  Perfect for her short little legs, arm rests just in case she decides to tumble to the side, and a pummel so she can't scootch her booty forward. She is sitting so tall and perfect with her feet on the ground.

Huge milestone for her right here. 1. just the sitting so nicely, 2. using her hands to put pressure on her legs to help with balance.  HUGE for her!

She was sitting tall even without her hands pushing on her legs.

She started laughing at who even knows what.  Was so full of giggles and so happy.  She does this a lot when she accomplishes thing.  It's like her way of being proud of herself.  Love that smile and giggle.

But don't worry, she got all serious again when she brought her arms down and accidentally touched that pummel with her hand. Heaven forbid!  She touched something and then quickly held her arm so she wouldn't touch anything again. LOL  Will she ever get over this fear or sensory issue or whatever you want to call it?!

But ya know what? It's OK!  One milestone at a time.  That's the way she rolls!

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