May 16, 2015

Dance recital 2015

Chloe took jazz classes this year.  She loved it!  In the past she took tap/ballet combo class and she was not a fan of that and said she would never dance again. So happy she changed her mind.  She did a really good job. She may not be ready for Dancing with the Stars yet, but maybe in a few years. LOL  :)

Love this very natural, laughing smile that she has.
She is beautiful! (I may be a little bias)

This picture cracks me up.  This is her "your embarrassing mom", "you're so not cool, mom",  "I'm really irritated" look that she gives me all the time.  In this case, it was because the recital was sooo long and she was hungry and extremely tired by the time that the whole thing was said and done.  Must love 7 year olds!

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