December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas (a day late)

Merry Christmas!!
  Sadie was pretty sleepy this Christmas holiday, but I did manage to get a few pictures of her awake and happy in her Christmas dress.  She absolutely hated this dress.  She has never complained about clothes before, so not sure why it started this day. She was completely happy and laughing, but as soon as I put this dress on her, she started complaining .  She shortly fell asleep after her hissy fit and when she woke up she was happy. I took some pics and then as soon as I was done she started complaining again.  I took the dress off.  All smiles and giggles again.  The next day at another holiday party.  Same thing (almost like Ground Hogs Day). Sadie was happy, put the dress on her, she got mad cried for awhile, fell asleep, woke up happy, was happy for a few, through a fit, took her dress off, as happy as could be.  WHATEVER! At least I got a few cute pics in the dress.
Something about those Christmas lights.  Every time we were around Christmas lights, Sadie's head was turned as far as possible to look at them.
Again the Christmas lights!
I love this picture. Sadie looks so sweet and innocent holding onto her reindeer and gazing at the Christmas lights. 
Chloe and Aubrie left cookies and milk for Santa.  Chloe wrote the note by herself, while Aubrie picked the cookies.  I think they were making sure they were on the nice list at the last minute.  :)
(for those that can't read a 5 yr olds creative spelling it says "Thank you Santa for the presents. Enjoy your cookies and milk")

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