December 20, 2012

Sadie doesn't feel pain

  Sadie is very weird and very unique.  I do not mean that in a rude and thoughtless way.  We all know that I love her with every ounce of my being.  People get upset with me when I say that she is weird, but... she is.  Let me explain.
  Sadie doesn't feel pain at least I don't think she does, in fact I know she doesn't.  If she does she must have the highest pain tolerance imaginable.  Sadie pokes herself in the eyes, doesn't even whimper.  She grabs her face and hair, not a sound.  She gets her immunizations or has blood drawn, nothing.  Teething, not even a sign that she is getting another one.  She has had skin and muscle biopsy's, and surgery twice and required no pain meds except for Tylenol or Motrin (and I'm not sure I wasn't giving them to her to make myself feel better).  Her vital signs didn't even reflect pain.
  It's weird.  She is lucky.  How many of us wouldn't kill to never have pain again?  But with this "luckiness", comes a different set of issues.  Imagine if you break a bone and had no idea, imagine if you cut yourself seriously bad and bled out (over exaggerating a little), what if she was having some kind of an "attack" be it pancreas, liver, appendix, heart, etc... See what I'm saying?  This is not a good thing.  That means that myself and other people that care for her have to be on their game at all times. 
  See what I mean?  Sadie is weird and has some very unique medical issues.  These odd things are what makes me love her even more.

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