December 03, 2012

Thinking outside of the box

  I have always been the type to turn to drugs.  No, not illegal drugs, but the legal ones.  For example, if I have a headache, Tylenol/Motrin: sad, depression pills: anxiety, antianxiety meds: insomnia , sleeping pills: not wanting a baby, birth control pills: vomiting, nausea pills.  I've always been impressed with the fact that we have come so far in the discovery of different diseases and treatments.  I thought if God made people smart enough to make drugs that work, I should take full advantage of those smart people.  I thought (because I was really naive and in my bubble that I talked about previously) that we (the world) were so advanced in medicine and technology.  We could figure anything out.  Boy was I wrong!! After having Sadie, my world and faith in the medical world was shaken, HARD.  I believe it would have been off the scales if it was an earthquake.
  How could no one tell me what was wrong with my baby?  How can they not have a diagnoses for her? Why can't they do a blood test, MRI, CT and tell me what she has?  What do you mean there is nothing I can do to fix her?  I am her mom, I have to fix her, That is my job. 
  Once I got past the fact that the medical world cannot fix my baby (face it, we can't grow a brain yet), I had to start thinking in other directions.  I will help my baby have the best quality of life she can possibly have if it's the last thing I do.  She will have the same chances in life as my other 2 girls will.  They may be different chances or opportunities then the other 2 girls, but she will have them.
  My search began.  I realized that what Sadie will benefit the most from is actual physical movement.  Teaching her about her body and how it moves and making sure it stays as loose as possible.  I do not want her to get contracted and stiff, so I searched for how to avoid this.
  It was like a light went off above my head.  A chiropractor.  Their thoughts are to make sure that the body is all aligned so that everything works correctly and medications should not need to be taken.  Perfect.  Medications won't help her, so maybe keeping her aligned will.  Luckily, my best friend from preschool is now a chiropractor.  I contacted her and with the help of her dad (who is also a chiropractor) and a friend of theirs (who is also a chiropractor) they met Sadie and came up with a plan for her.
  Sadie started to see Dr. Nicole Fausey-Luke (Calhoun County Chiropractic Care Center) around the age of 4 months old.  It was amazing.  We started seeing improvements in her right away, the same day as her first appt.  I was so excited.  And over time, she has stayed healthy.  According to her other Dr's she is supposed to be a sick baby.  Nicole was the first Dr to really give me hope that there was going to be more to Sadie's life then just laying around.  For that I will be forever grateful to her.  She treats Sadie no different then she would treat her own daughters.  Nicole has a huge heart.  I would recommend anyone to go see her if they live in the Battle Creek, MI area. 
  The second thing I found was a therapy called Anat Baniel Method (ABM).  Which is also absolutely amazing.  That is for a different post though.
  So I have learned another lesson from Sadie and that is to think outside of the box.  Even when frustration sets in and certain people tell you to except things the way they are, DON'T!  Their is always something else and someone else to give you HOPE.  And in this case, it was Dr. Luke.  Thank You.

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