December 19, 2012

Tubes and hearing tests

   Since Sadie was born her first ENT said that her hearing tests showed she had fluid in her ears, but he also said her ear canals were too abnormally small to do anything about it.  I switched ENT's.  If you're not willing to help my baby, see ya!  Her new ENT agreed with me that we needed to get the fluid off her ears.  So yesterday she had tubes placed in her ears.  The ENT said it was a very good thing we did because she had nasty, thick fluid that came out.  It did not show signs of infection, so I was happy about that.  Afterwards, while she was still sedated, they did an ABR test and an OAE test to check her hearing to see if anything changed after the tubes were placed.  My hope was that with the tubes placed, maybe whatever sounds she could hear would not be muffled or if there was pressure in her ears that would be relieved.  My secret wish was that the Dr would say "a miracle happened, she can hear just fine. She has no issues".  Unfortunately, that wish didn't come true.  The test showed the exact same results.  Not even a little bit of a change.  She still has auditory neuropathy/deaf.  I can't lie, my heart sank a tiny bit.
  But this feeling is hard to explain.  I would be lying if I said I am thrilled out of my mind that she can't hear. I would love if she could hear.  At the same time, I definitely don't think this is the worst thing in the world.  This will be a big HUGE change for our family, but I think I know we can handle it.  Chloe and Aubrie are young and are so open and excited to learn new things.  I think they will love it.  For me and my husband and the rest of the extended family, it will be a little bit more difficult.  I know everyone will be willing to learn (we are very blessed to have such a supportive family), but getting used to always talking with our hands will be a little bit more challenging.  I think it will feel awkward at first just because we don't know what we are doing and as adults you don't want to feel stupid, but just like everything else in life it will soon become second nature.

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