January 28, 2014

And now obstuctive apnea

   I was right.  Sadie's snoring and breathing at night have become way worse.  The pulmonologist called with Sadie's sleep study results.  She stated that the results showed that she has severe central apnea (which we already knew), but it also showed that she has moderate to severe obstructive apnea.  They sent the results over to her ENT and they quickly called me within a few hours of receiving the results and said that after the review of the sleep study and her clinical presentation they suggest taking the tonsils and adenoids out.  Not a surprise to me.  I said that I agree, but I don't want to do it until spring.  Why?  Because she is going to have to stay I in the hospital overnight and I do not want her to be around all these flu and the other respiratory illnesses that are going around this winter.  The Dr said he was ok with waiting until spring because of the fact that her heart rate doesn't drop during her apnea episodes.  The current plan is to replace the tubes in her ears, and remove her tonsils and adenoids in April. 

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