January 27, 2014

Another MRI

   Sitting here waiting for Sadie to have another MRI done of her brain under general anesthesia.  This time we are not looking to see if there have been changes to her brain or to clarify her diagnosis.  We are taking a closer look at her auditory cranial nerves.  As I have mentioned in another post we are thinking about getting Sadie a cochlear implant(s).  The last MRI showed her auditory nerves were there and the right size, but they didn't zoom in on her actual ears.  The Dr stated that for an average kid the last MRI would have been fine and they would have gone forward with the surgery.  However, since Sadie is far from the average kid and she has multiple known cranial nerve issues, he wanted to perform this extra MRI to take an even closer look at her ear canals themselves and the cochlear nerve.  So here I am... again.
   Last time Sadie was under general anesthesia she did ok.  She came out of the anesthesia slowly, but boy was she grouchy and not herself for a couple of days.  I am praying that we don't go through that again.

*Sadie did great with the MRI.  She came out of the anesthesia like it was a nap.  No grouchiness or tears and she tolerated her food like a champ.  We looked at her records from the last sedation to see what the difference was. It was that they gave her morphine for some reason and then she was too sleepy waking up so they reversed it with narcan.  Her body must not have liked it. 

Sleeping beauty after the MRI

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