January 21, 2014

Check her out!

   Sadie always like to surprise me, especially when I am least expecting it.  This past Friday was no exception.  While working with her physical therapist and her visual impairment therapist she pulled off one of her biggest surprises yet.  Luckily, I actually was able to record it on my phone so that everyone could see it because there is no way that people that know my Sadie baby would ever believe what she did.  Even her daddy didn't believe it until I showed him the video.
  Sadie decided she wanted to sit up by herself!  Do you know how amazing this?! Yes, we had to help her into position because she refuses to put her hands down on the ground to help push herself up, but once she was there, it was all her (well except for a little bit of a brace of the knee on her lower back).  She sat for about 15 minutes perfectly content, with no complaining.  Every once in a while she would give a big smile as if she were thinking "check me out, this is cool" and then she would wobble a little and then it was right back to a straight face and concentration.  I so wish I caught that smile on the recording but I was on the wrong side of her and I didn't want to move in fear that she would fall over.
   I am so proud of her.  She works so hard for EVERYTHING!!

   If you notice her head is completely erect with no bobbles!  Also notice that she starts to fall to both sides and catches herself and corrects her movements.  This is HUGE for kids that have little or no cerebellum, because your cerebellum is what gives you your balance. It may have taken 2 years longer then a typical developing child, but who cares!!  She is doing it and it just makes it all that more of an incredible moment. 

*Yes, she has a front side pony tail!  Terrible hairstyle.  But that little turkey was in such a bad mood at the beginning of therapy and was not cooperating to get her hair done. I needed it out of her eyes so I did it while she was laying down.  Of all days for her to do something incredible that I want to capture forever, and she has a funky hairdo.

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