January 24, 2014

Sleep study #2

   Well after I posted my post yesterday, I got a phone call saying that they had a cancelation for a sleep study and asked if we wanted to take the spot.  Of course I said yes.  So here we are hanging out in the hospital/sleep lab.  At least this time they made her fashionable with a pink wrap around her head!
Even with all this stuff taped all over her head and body, she's still smiling.
Sadie is sound asleep and snoring, doing what she should be doing.
God bless her!
   Before I left with Sadie to come to the hospital tonight, Chloe started vomiting.  Great, that's just what we don't need in our house right now.  Lets hope and pray it was just something random that she ate that didn't settle right in her belly.  I have to laugh though, I gave my husband the choice to either take Sade to the hospital to do this study or deal with a puking a child.  He choose the puking child.  That's how much he hates the hospital.  

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