January 23, 2014

Tis the season for Dr's appt

   Specialists like to see their patients about every 6 months to a year.  Every 6 mo we get slammed with appointments.  I try to space them out.  Sometimes I think it's a good thing to space them out cause then I don't go on information overload with a ton of appointments in one month.  At the same time, with them all spaced out I feel like we always have a doctor's appointment to go to.  Not sure which is worse.  Anyways, since I have been sort of slacking on the blog lately I figured I would give you a run down on what is going on.

November- We saw her pulmonologist.  We discussed her breathing and apnea issues.  I think her apnea is getting worse.  It used to be that I never noticed her pauses in breathing.  Now, she snores so loud.  She sounds like an adult man and the pauses are more frequent and longer.  We are going to do another sleep study in March to see if her apnea is also caused from obstruction.

December- We went to her neurodevelopment Dr. It was a good check up.  Nothing new was discovered (that's always a bonus).  She is gaining weight and growing taller.  We increased her food and water intake.  It was a boring appointment, which I totally appreciated!

January- We saw her endocrinologist. We only see her once a year and draw some labs.  Because of her midline brain malformation she is at high risk for pituitary issues and thyroid issues.  Luckily, her hormones are all working the way they are supposed.  We also saw her ENT.  He looked in her ears and did some sort of a hearing test and that showed that her ears are full of fluid.  One ear she has no tube in it because we took it out a while back and the other tube is completely occluded.  So she needs to have her tubes replaced.  He also scoped her throat and said that her tonsils and adenoids are large and he would like to take them out.  He wants to do this when he replaces her tubes.  However, he wants to wait until after the sleep study to make sure they are actually causing an issue. 

February - We will see two new Dr's.  The first is an orthopedic Dr.  I want to check her spine and hips.  And I want them to give me an accurate leg length difference so that I can get her the proper size lift for her shoe so we can avoid back problems.  The second Dr is not technically new, but we have not seen him since Sadie was 9 mo or so.  He is a cochlear implant Dr.  I will save this story and how we got to this point for another post.

March-  We will hopefully be seeing the genetics Dr. for test results.  FINGERS CROSSED!!

APRIL- We will be seeing the mito/neurologist doctor and the heart surgeon again.

   As you can see, Sadie has been busy and will continue to stay busy for the next few months.  Bless her heart.  She is so good natured and just goes along for the ride.  She just smiles at the Dr's and lets them do what they want.  They always comment how happy and easy going she is.  I agree, she is my happy baby.


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