November 02, 2013

1000 Satin Hands!!

   People from all around the world (literally) are always so graciously asking me how they can help when it comes to Sadie. So my brother and sister in law have put together a fundraiser that can be world wide.  Please take a minute to read about the fundraiser, "like" her fundraising page on facebook, contact Mimi (my sister in law) if you are interested in buying anything or helping with the fundraiser by selling it, or I have info too! I have always appreciated all the love and support that everyone has always shown us. Sadie is a very lucky and loved little girl to have all of you in her corner. Now lets give Sadie a "1000 satin hands". Thank You!!!

  Because I copied and pasted this "flyer" you can not click on the links above.  However, you can click here for Mimi's facebook page OR here to go to the fundraising site on facebook OR you can even go here and go directly to her Mary Kay site OR you can just email or call her. 

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