November 01, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween
Aubrie's pumpkin is on the left.  She worked hard on drawing the face and carving it.  She was not a big fan of scooping out the "guts" though.  Chloe's is the pumpkin on the right.  She concentrated and worked hard on making sharp teeth.  She was also obsessed with making "stitches and scars" on hers because it makes it "scarier looking".  Then Sadie's pumpkin is in the middle.  She had a little help from daddy. We tried to attempt to have her touch the "guts".  She was not having anything to do with that, but she enjoyed sitting with the girls and watching them work on their pumpkins.
Yes, that is daddy using a power saw to carve Sadie's pumpkin.  Carving pumpkins has never really been his favorite thing, but he will do anything for the girls.  However, since he discovered how easy and fast carving a pumpkin with a power tool can be, this might be a little less dreaded every year.  :)

My little striped kitten
   My sweet, little kitten.  I had no idea how a whole body costume on this child was going to work.  I figured I could get her in it, take a few quick pictures, and then she would probably get over heated and scream until I took her out of it.  I was wrong!  To my surprise, she enjoyed her costume.  She smiled and laughed and kicked her feet up and down over and over and over.  She made all of her happy sounds that she makes and rolled around on the floor. She sat so proudly in her chair just looking around, as if she were saying "look at me, I'm cute".  Sadie even tolerated the mittens/paws on her hands.  Yes, it was only for short increments of time, but it was multiple times.  And the fact that we actually got anything on her hands is HUGE!!  This little girl is just too stinking, cute!
My cowgirl fairy
the cute little back view
   Oh Aubrie, she may be the death of me.  For the last 2 months all she has talked about is being a superhero with a cape for Halloween. She has always loved wearing capes and "flying" around the house saving anything and everyone she possibly can (if you don't remember she got a cape and mask for her birthday).  I searched around until I found a cheap, gently used superwoman costume.  Hooray!  I finally found one after a month or so of searching.  I was so excited to show Aubrie.  Her reply, "I changed my mind.  I want to be a cowgirl."  My jaw dropped.  I thought "really, I try so hard to please this child, and all I get is I changed my mind".  Typical girl!  :)  Lucky for her, Chloe was a cowgirl for Halloween when she was 4 yrs old so we already had the costume. Perfect!  Cheap costume and I didn't have to search for this one.  However, as I was having Chloe try on her costume to make sure it was going to fit, Aubrie had this HUGE melt down because she wanted wings too.  Ooohhh NO! She was not changing her mind again.  To my surprise though, she was not changing her costume, but she wanted to add to it.  She wanted to be "the fairy that protects cowboys".  Again lucky for her (and me) we had wings from an old costume.  That is the story of how a cowgirl fairy was born.
My blue belle fairy
  Chloe couldn't really make up her mind on what she wanted to dress up as for Halloween.  I think she changed her mind a million times.  As I was pulling out past years costumes from the Halloween box for a friend of mine Chloe yanked Aubrie's costume from last year out and said that she wanted to be a blue belle fairy.  I replied "perfect".  That way I didn't have to go buy a new one, or make one, or stress out shopping for the "perfect costume".  Cheep, great costume!  I have to say she is an adorable, toothless, sassy fairy.
Even though it was a little chilly and had a misty rain all night, Chloe and Aubrie had a lot of fun going trick or treating with their cousins.  However, they both woke up today with a terrible cough and cold.  Welcome, to the "sick season"!

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