November 16, 2013

2 Yrs Ago Today


  Two years ago today I brought Sadie home from the hospital after her 19 day stay in the NICU.  It was a little ironic because this was the day that my C-section was originally scheduled for.  She was so tiny.  As you can see, the car seat was not even safe for her.  That was as tight as the straps could get.  We had to roll up blankets and burp clothes and shove them between her and the straps to make them tighter.

    After we got her buckled into the car I took a step back.  A surreal moment.  Saying good bye to the NICU.  Oh no, did I forget her? I could barely see her in that car seat underneath the blankets and hat.

Chloe and Aubrie had no idea that Sadie was finally coming home.  The excitement in their eyes when we walked in the door and they saw Sadie.  It was priceless.  They could not stop staring at her and touching her.  Even though they came to the hospital to meet her they didn't get to really touch and hold her.  It was attempted many times, but it was always chaotic and never really worked.  Either the nurses were protective of Sadie, or Sadie was screaming and didn't want to be held (even at that age she hated to be held), or the girls didn't have the attention span to sit and hold a baby.  It just never really worked very well.  So the night she came home they just couldn't get enough of her.

My first pic of all 3 sisters. Happy and together!

Chloe could have held Sadie forever that night.  Aubrie not so much, as evidence I have no picture of them together :( 

Love this pic of Chloe!  It makes me laugh every time.  She kept telling everyone "this is my baby"!  Oh, the love that beamed from that little girl.  Sadie was screaming in this pic and Aubrie hated (and still does) when Sadie cried and she would get upset too.
Two years ago.  One of the best nights of my entire life!

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