November 13, 2013

Introducing a pacifer?


   Most people are trying to wean their 2 year old from a pacifier, we are trying to get her to take a pacifier.  I know, a little strange and backwards (but isn't that the story of her life?).  Honestly, we are not having much luck with it, but we continue to try.  This is why.  Sadie loves to clench her jaw.  She clamps her jaw down so tight that there is no budging it. In fact, this smart mama stuck her finger in her mouth once looking at her teeth and that little girl clamped down so hard on my finger and wouldn't let go... she drew blood!  Not one of my brightest moments as a mom.  She has been like this since the day she was born.  No idea why she does it.  One theory is that it has to do with her sensory processing disorder.  Second theory is that it has to do with her muscle tone issues. Third theory is that it has to do with her neurological issues.  Honestly, it doesn't matter what theory we go with, the fact is that she clenches that jaw and we are trying to break her of that bad habit.  Our hope is that if we can get that pacifier in her mouth 1. it will break the habit of clenching cause she won't be able to with a hunk of plastic in her mouth and 2. give her something that she can turn to for comfort in uncomfortable situations (such as getting her blood drawn). and 3. it was strengthen her tongue muscle.  I'm not holding my breath that this will work, but ya never know and anything is worth a try.

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