November 04, 2013

2 year check up

   Last week we had Sadie's 2 yr check up.  We walked into the office and one of our favorite medical assistants were working.  She came out to the lobby to see Sadie (as she was working the front office and not the back and would not be taking us back to the room).  She was so surprised to see how big Sadie has grown.  As we were chatting, we figured out that we haven't been back in the office (at least not for Sadie) since she had been sick back in March.  That was a fantastic feeling.  7 months she has been healthy.  Let's just hope and pray our healthy streak lasts into the winter months.
   I was kind of excited for this visit.  Anyone can tell she has been growing and I wanted to know what her latest stats were.  I just knew she had to be close to getting rid of the "failure to thrive" diagnosis.  She went from 6 mo clothes to 18 mo clothes in a 7 month time frame. She has to have "graduated" from the diagnosis.
   Sadie is now 30 3/4 inches long and weighs 19 lbs 13 oz.  Her height is amazing, her weight... not so much.  I thought for sure she hit 20 lbs (I know it's only a couple ounces away, but every once counts when it comes to this child).  However, I'm not complaining.  At least she gained a little bit. Some is waaaayyyyy better then none (like I said every ounce counts).  At her 18 mo appt she weighed 18 lbs 7 oz. So she gained 1 lbs 6 oz.  I'll take it!  But her height!  At her 18 mo appt she was 28 inches long.  That is 2 3/4 inches that she grew!!  That is amazing.  That is the most she has ever grown in 6 months.  I was thrilled.  I was so proud of her.  I know that sounds silly to be proud of a child for growing, but that is what I felt.  Unfortunately, we did not get rid of the failure to thrive diagnosis because she is still in >3% of the population for height and weight.  However, on her own growth chart "that's one small step for weight, and one giant leap for height" (Sorry, Neil Armstrong's quote has been stuck in my head) and she is doing awesome.  It's amazing what being healthy can do for a child.
   After this fantastic news, the Dr started asking "is she doing this..., is she doing that..., how about this..., etc".  You know all the typical questions that Dr's ask at a well baby check up to see if your child is were they should be developmentally.  So as I was answering no, no, no.  I finally looked at the Dr and looked back at Sadie and said "look, we know she is not where she should be for 2 yrs old, BUT she can do this now, and this, and this, and she has a laugh and a smile that will melt your heart into a million pieces.  THIS is what she can do now.  This is way more then anyone expected, and most of all she is 2 yrs old now and that is WAY longer then what we were ever told to expect".   I leaned down kissed Sadie and said "isn't that right, pretty girl?" Just then Sadie let out a sweet giggle and her biggest smile ever.  I then laughed and looked up at the Dr.  The Dr had tears running down her face.  I didn't now what to do or say.  So I got up and gave her a tissue, which is so ironic since she is usually the one giving me a tissue.  We both kind of laughed.  She then said "I've never met a family or a child like Sadie.  I have learned more from you guys in the past 2 yrs then I have learned in all my years of being a Dr."  I said "Yep, it's all Sadie, she has a way of teaching many lessons without ever saying a word. I just deliver her messages verbally to those that can't hear her."  And again at the perfect moment Sadie gives a huge smile, and giggle.  My heart melted and I'm pretty sure the Dr's did too.

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